Your Land, Our Business

We appreciate that selling land is a once and forever decision. Once you sell your land for development there’s no second chances, that’s why you need highly skilled and experienced professionals to ensure that the process runs with a minimum of fuss and generates the best possible receipt for you, the client. We have been there many times before, currently we have transacted 199 deals worth over £1bn.

How do we sell your land?

First of all, we will take a balanced and realistic view of the development prospects of your land. We will analyse the critical factors such as planning policy; physical context; previous development; technical factors such as highways and drainage.

Having reached an initial view in respect of the development prospects, we will then prepare a bespoke disposal strategy to meet your requirements, whilst at the same time optimising value.

Depending upon the development status of your land, we might advocate an extensive marketing campaign with a brochure and a dedicated website/dataroom. Alternatively, we might suggest a more focused and personal approach tailored to specific developers.

Whatever we recommend, you can be assured that the strategy is entirely bespoke and tailored to meet your specific requirements, based upon many years of experience and intimate knowledge of the market.

Why choose us to sell your land?

You are looking for an established specialist

We have been selling land for residential development since 1990. It’s what we do, it’s all we do, we don’t deal in retail, offices or industrial sheds. We are out and out residential specialists. We believe that’s important because you - the landowner - are receiving sector specific advice from a best-in-class adviser.

Within the residential market in the North West region, there aren’t any competitors who demonstrate such longevity and scale of activity within a single platform.

You are looking for someone who knows the market

Collectively we’ve been doing what we do for more than 50 years. That means in most cases we’ve done it before. We therefore give our clients advice based on experience, not conjecture. We have extensive personal knowledge and contacts within the field of residential development, so we can advise you - the landowner - on the suitability of prospective purchasers and development partners.

You are looking for a specialist who is proactive not reactive

When the market changes the rules change. We develop and evolve innovative business models to meet change before it happens. We were at the forefront of developing transactional models such as the promotion agreement, just one example of our enterprising and innovative approaches.

You are looking for someone with the right client experience

Current and former clients include: Bank Austria AG, The British Red Cross, Wm Morrison Supermarkets, Standard Chartered Bank, Citroen UK, George Lehman Brothers, Network Space, United Utilities, Strategic Land Group, Bloc H2O, Richborough Estates, FI Real Estate, St Bede’s School, Widnes Golf Club, Prestwich Golf Club, Adlington, Taylor Wimpey, Bellway, Wm Morrison Supermarket.

We have also worked with any number of private clients, funds, small developers, sports clubs, trusts and charities. We have a wealth of experience dealing with clients across all sectors.

You are looking for someone with the right connections

We don’t deal with anything other than residential development. We know the market, we live and breathe it, it’s our lifeblood.

We deal with 400 developers. It’s important to have the right set of connections.

Experience has taught us who the right connections are, who we can rely upon and who is capable of delivering on their promises. It means we don’t waste our time or yours getting involved with prospective purchasers who are inexperienced, underfunded or unreliable.

You only get one chance at selling your land, so it’s important you get the right developer.